Muss My Hair

''Really weird arrangements that scrape up against the edge of pop music rules like a grizzly bear with an itch.
Combining mad guitar and beautiful vocal dissonance with Jan's untoppable drumming, insightful lyrics,
and kind personalities, they're everything a band should be.''

For much of the '90s the NYC trio Beekeeper made beautiful rock music and played it around the U.S. and Canada.
They were Jan Kotik (drums), Karla Schickele (bass, vocals), and Matthew Schickele (guitar, vocals).

Discography (if it's linked, you can order it online)

-7 inch with the pineapple lady on the cover, each copy hand decorated! (Feldspar Records, 1995)
-Light (unreleased, 1995)
-Anywhere Will Do (Muss My Hair Records, 1996)
-Ida/Beekeeper split 7 inch (Simple Machines, 1997)
-Ostrich (Southern -Records, 1998)
-Last & First (Muss My Hair, 2008). All proceeds from the sale of this CD go to The Jan J. Kotik Family Trust, set up to benefit Jan Kotik's widow and children.